TLC Board Meeting March 2017

March 23, 2017

TLC Board Meeting Agenda

Date: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: At TLC, corner Broadway & 9th Avenue
Host: Leslie Roycroft, President
Secretary: Nadine Paree
1. Approval of Agenda- Lisa, Silvia
2. Approval of Minutes – Leslie, Ioannis
a. Approval of minutes retroactive- Teresa, Leslie
3. Financial
a. Budget- N/A, waiting on teachers contract to be signed.
4. CCS update- business cards have been printed and a check has been approved for partial refund for TLC.
5. Coordinator
a. EE – N/A
b. AA – N/A
c. KK – N/A
6. 2016-2017school year
a. Fundraising –
i. BINGO – board to researching cost for bingo sheets and stampers. We need to acquire prizes and put them in price categories. Next meeting members will bring prices for the supplies. Start time 7:30 but doors open at 7.
b. Outings – cabane à sucre April 5th. Attendance is declining.
c. Advertising –
i. Business cards – printed and ready for pick up.
d. Registration – EE full, AA 2 spots avail, KK 3 Spots. Post availability on Facebook.
7. Varia
a. Policy and Procedures – no update
b. Cameras – discussed the educators preferred use of the cameras which is to use as a teachers aide improving the quality of the educator for each child. If a parent approaches the educators with a possible incident the tape is to be viewed with an alumni board member. Final vote will be conducted by email.
c. TLC charity foundation- To create a foundation is only paperwork. This will allow TLC to provide tax receipts for donations.
d. Gratitude – Create an official TLC thank you card. Motion proposed to create and give gratitude cards APPROVED.
Motion to purchase plaque for Romina to thank her for all her years contributing to TLC APPROVED.
Note: Next scheduled meeting will be on April 19th 2017
Attended by: Leslie, Silvia, nada, Hollie, Nadine, Teresa, Ioannis, Neshia

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