Our Educators

  • Meet Our Educators

  • TLC consists of two wonderful teachers with education and experience in Early childhood education.

    • Lisa Stivaletti

      Lisa first joined TLC as a parent with her daughter 18 years ago, she has since then become a devoted and compassionate certified educator and the heart of TLC.

      A wife and mother of two, Lisa is energetic, enthusiastic, honest and kindhearted. All these wonderful qualities are evident once you step foot inside the TLC classroom; A classroom where Lisa creates a love of learning and guides each child in reaching their developmental milestones. Lisa is selflessly dedicated to the success of every child that she teaches.

      Aside from having the most important job of teaching and nurturing our children, Lisa is also a driving force with TLC’S behind-the-scenes activities, such as planning fundraisers and outings, advertising and the TLC library.

    • Cheryl Yeoman

      Madame Cheryl has been a part of TLC for the last 11 years. She is a wife, mother of two grown sons and TLC’s French educator. Cheryl finds new and fun ways to introduce the children to the French language. Her goal is to develop a love for the French language and help ease the children’s transition into French or bilingual kindergarten programs.

      Cheryl has a heart of gold that is unmistakable when a child is in need of a little extra attention. Madame Cheryl offers each child never ending encouragement, turning “I can’t” into “I can”. This kindness and thoughtfulness are also extended to the parents of TLC.

      TLC is very fortunate to have such a caring, fun and dynamic teacher; she is an integral part of our preschool.