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  • At TLC we consider our program very special and unique. Both of our classes are bilingual; English and French instruction is rotated on a weekly basis. Our program is entirely developed by our educators. The preschool is supported by a Board of Directors that includes both educators and parents. We believe our program not only prepares the children for the challenges of elementary school, but also instills a lifelong love of learning. We are a non-profit, child-centered preschool that remains affordable to most families.

    Our mission is to encourage a lifelong love of learning

  • Our Classes

  • Our preschool program has two dedicated classes for two distinct age groups.

  • “TLC is a special place. How do you explain a place where magic happens, but no magic is used? TLC is just one room in a big building, but it is filled with fun and love. Where families come together for one common goal and succeed year after year. We not only strive for academic success, but encourage our students to be good friends, helpful to one another and to include others in play. The children grow and learn through play and are stronger academically, socially and emotionally. They are more independent, polite and kind when they graduate.” – Lisa Stivaletti

    • Active Adventurers
      • 3 Years Old
      • 16
        Class size
    • Kinder Kids
      • 4 years old
      • 18
        Class size
  • Learning through play

    In learning through play, children develop social and intellectual skills. They also have the opportunity to gain emotional maturity and self-confidence. TLC has created an environment where this is all possible.

    • Encouragement of kindness and respect for others
    • Field trips
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Delightful, friendly and welcoming place
    • Learning & Fun

      Learning takes place through rhyming, learning centers and crafts.

    • Healthy Snacks

      TLC is a nut-free environment. As these allergies can be life-threatening, we ask our parents to pay special attention to the ingredients listed on the snack packages. To ensure that we promote healthy eating we only permit cheese, fruits or vegetables and yogurt as options for snack.

    • Friendly Place

      We strive to ensure our students feel safe and welcome in our school.

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  • Meet Our Staff

  • “Many children have passed through our doors, but all have remained in my heart.” -Lisa Stivaletti
    • Lisa Stivaletti

      Lisa first joined TLC as a parent with her daughter 18 years ago, she has since then become a devoted and compassionate certified educator and the heart of TLC.

      A wife and mother of two, Lisa is energetic, enthusiastic, honest and kindhearted. All these wonderful qualities are evident once you step foot inside the TLC classroom; A classroom where Lisa creates a love of learning and guides each child in reaching their developmental milestones. Lisa is selflessly dedicated to the success of every child that she teaches.

      Aside from having the most important job of teaching and nurturing our children, Lisa is also a driving force with TLC’S behind-the-scenes activities, such as planning fundraisers and outings, advertising and the TLC library.

    • Cheryl Yeoman

      Madame Cheryl has been a part of TLC for the last 11 years. She is a wife, mother of two grown sons and TLC’s French educator. Cheryl finds new and fun ways to introduce the children to the French language. Her goal is to develop a love for the French language and help ease the children’s transition into French or bilingual kindergarten programs.

      Cheryl has a heart of gold that is unmistakable when a child is in need of a little extra attention. Madame Cheryl offers each child never ending encouragement, turning “I can’t” into “I can”. This kindness and thoughtfulness are also extended to the parents of TLC.

      TLC is very fortunate to have such a caring, fun and dynamic teacher; she is an integral part of our preschool.

    • I would recommend TLC to anyone. This was the best decision I ever made for Keeva. She is so much happier being in TLC with all her new friends. The teachers are great and amazing. She has learned so much being at this pre-school , it has been so beneficial for her.

      Amanda A.
      Mother of 2
    • We had the most wonderful experience when our son was at TLC (Kinder Kids 2011-12). He had a considerable amount of apprehension about attending any form of school when he started, but by the end he was a transformed kid- all excited about the new school “adventures” that lay ahead. We were amazed at how much he learnt during the course of the relatively short “fun afternoon” he was at TLC. But above all, we have been so happy that the most important lesson he learnt was to be a good friend, and indirectly therefore to be a good world citizen. Even today, our son thinks TLC is the “best school ever!!!”, and we do to.

      Sarojini S.
      Mother of 2
    • TLC was the best choice for my children! I attribute the successful entry that my children both had when starting elementary school to the foundation they acquired at TLC. They learned how to socialize and have fun. They learned how to follow routines, how to play with others and interact respectfully with their peers. The kindness and inviting atmosphere was felt not only by the children but by the whole family. TLC enriched all of our lives and we met great people in the process… Thank you TLC!!!

      Meghan H.
      Mother of 2
    • I sent my daughter to a regular daycare and I am so thankful that I found TLC for my son. The learning that takes place is absolutely amazing. He has also developed some extremely important competencies like independence and responsibility. TLC is undisputedly the best choice for any child wanting to succeed in elementary school

      Sabrina M.
      Mother of 2
    • I recommend TLC to everyone I know. It has amazing educators and in a short period of time I see what my son has learned and the funny thing is that he of course doesn’t realize. I am truly impressed and he has only been there for one year. I thank the TLC family for all their hard work.

      Sandra V.
      Mother of 2
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